Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A heady cocktail of glamour, talent and hard work!

The Indian Premier League or the IPL as the popular moniker goes is one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world at present! Not surprisingly, the hoopla around this year’s edition was no different. When we think of the Indian Premier League as an overall cauldron of entertainment, it is hard to zero in on just the players. The motley bunches of cheerleaders have added their own shine to the IPL over the years.

Are they dancers? Are they entertainers? What role do they actually have to play in the IPL?
We caught up with the White Mischief girls in town for the scintillating clash between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. What emerged was a poignant story of their love for India. Amy, Stacy and the gang talked to us about their love for the IPL, their backgrounds and more!
All the girls we talked to, came from South Africa and most of them had a solid background in dance. Dancing is my life was a common refrain that was lovely to hear. Most of them were ready to put up with the prolonged separation from home and their families owing to the exciting challenge that is the Indian Premier League.

We present some excerpts from our conversations with the merry gang of cheerleaders about to cheer for the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

Question: How are the girls loving India, especially Kolkata?
Answer: Well it’s been great to be honest but the weather has been a little too much to handle at times. The hot and humid conditions apart, we have had great fun touring the country and performing at jam packed stadiums where the atmosphere has been electric.
Kolkata seems to be a great city and we partied hard here and enjoyed chicken cutlets among other delicacies. Walking about in the city is just awesome!

Question: What will be your biggest take-away from this tournament?
Answer: Well, we did gain a lot of knowledge about cricket to be honest and started enjoying the game. That apart, we will miss each other’s company and the whole excitement surrounding the game.

Question: You bring glamour to the IPL. Your thoughts on the same?
Answer: Well we have never thought about it that way but yes, we do enjoy being entertainers at the end of the day. If we can play a part in heightening the IPL experience, so be it!

Question: Your favorite cricketers in the IPL, especially the Royal Challengers Bangalore?
Answer: Virat Kohli for sure along with AB De Villiers and Chris Gayle! Yuvraj Singh is a big star here as well. From the other teams, Dale Steyn, MS Dhoni and Faf Du Plessis.

Question: Why cheerleaders? Any hurdles that you faced on your journey?
To be honest, there were no obstacles to us following our dreams in this aspect. Well, cheer-leading was a natural progression from dancing which is what most of us are trained in. Alongside, it gave us the opportunity to have such wonderful lifetime experiences as well! I guess that says it!

Question: Any hobbies you girls have apart from cheer-leading? Where do you go from here?
Answer: Well some of us are into modelling, athletics and photography. One of our team members is a national athlete back home. We also enjoy cooking and spending time with our families.
As for the future, we are open to taking up new assignments of a similar kind. Most of us will be happy to crash back home and spend a few days with family!

Confidence backed up by stunning beauty makes this gang of girls, indeed all our IPL cheerleaders a heady cocktail of glamour, talent and hard work. These girls aptly justify the motto, Work hard, play harder!

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Curtain Raiser Of Gourmet Indulgence By Four Seasons

If you are a wine lover and want to enjoy the best wines with proper food pairing then this post will surely help you out. Four Seasons has launched a fort night long food and wine fiesta with the help of some of the best restaurants in Kolkata. The Gourmet Indulgence is also taking place in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Pune and Goa. The curtain raiser for the event was held in Kolkata at The Park Hotel. We were invited for a lovely evening which ensured a perfect ambience to get indulged with fresh wine and awesome food.

Once we entered the venue of The Park Hotel, we were greeted by Mr. Abhay Kewadkar who is the Business head (Wines) and the Chief Wine Maker of Four Seasons and by Mr. Peter Mitter, Regional Manager, Trade and Marketing, UB Group. He introduced us to the great Barrique Reserve Cabernet Savignon which is of course the award winning red wine of Four Seasons. The starters and the red wine perfectly set the tone for a lovely evening ahead. 

Barrique Reserve Cabernet Savignon

Malai Pesto Murgh Shatoosh

Chief Wine Maker, Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, addressed the bloggers and the press with an enlightening speech regarding Four Seasons. An interactive session with him helped us gain a lot of knowledge regarding the most loved wine in India. 

Chief Wine Maker interacting with Bloggers and Press

The interactive session was followed by dinner. The sumptuous dinner with white wine helped us to get indulged more and more into the fine dine experience. 

Mr. Abhay Kewadkar with Chef Sharad Dewan and others

You too can experience the same wine and dine indulgence in Kolkata till 15th September,2013

For more information on Gourmet Indulgence by Four Seasons, you can click here

We would like to deeply thank GingerClaps for giving us the opportunity to attend this wonderful evening. 

Some of the pictures from the event:

Mr. Abhay Kewadkar with Amrita and Vishal of Sweet 'n' Savoury

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Know Your Wine- A Day of Wine Tasting and Appreciation with our Seasons Wine

As the sultry Kolkata afternoon neared its closure, a few of the leading food bloggers of Kolkata met up for an entertaining as well as enlightening session of wine tasting, in the Rose Room of The Conclave. The event presented by Four Seasons Wines, opened doors for novice as well as expert wine drinkers to meet up and appreciate the drink of the gods.

 The bloggers share a light moment together-
Clockwise from left: Kamalika and Partho of 
Silence Sings, Tiyasha of InSensed and
Amrita and Vishal of 
Sweet n' Savoury

The event, conducted by USL’s very own (and our good friend) Mr. P.P.K Mitter, started with the general introduction on wine- the manufacturing process and the factors affecting them (terroir), the classification and of course, its health benefits. “In order to appreciate wine, you must develop a taste for it”, asserted Mr. Mitter. India, as a new world nation in terms of wine-making, is fast making its place in the international market. Indian wine, thanks to its unique quality, to most connoisseurs, is at par with those of the old world countries. India’s very own Four Seasons with its own vineyard at Rotti in Baramati, Maharashtra, has presented the world with some of the best wines.

Left: Mr. P.P.K Mitter explains the postulates of wine tasting
                       Right: Our representative earns her wine appreciation certificate from Mr. Mitter.

The second half of the event comprised of the tasting and the appreciation of a variety of wines and pairing them with delicious snacks. Each variety of wine delighted us with their appearances, tantalized us with their unique aromas, before we finally clinked our glasses to each others’ health, and let them spread across our tongue with every sip. Here are the wines and their respective food pairs that we had the joys of tasting-

  • Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc- This wonderful light yellow still white wine was served chilled (like all white wines). We savoured it as we took in the balanced fruity and vegetal smell, and allowed its dry and zesty acidic palate manouvre our taste buds. We paired it with some scrumptious Mushroom Vol au Vent and Crumbed Prawn.

 How about a glass of Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc?

  • Four Seasons Viognier- Pale gold and bearing strong floral and fruity odour, this still, dry white wine did wonders to our palate with its well balanced, lingering finish, and paired excellently with Baby corn Fritters and Chicken Nuggets that were served with it.

Let's make a toast with Four Seasons Viogier

  • Four Seasons Blush- One of our personal favourites, this still  Rosé wine possesses a beautiful salmon pink hue and a delightfully refreshing and semi-sweet taste. The sweet incense of rose, strawberries and sweet spices, left us wanting more. It did live up to its reputation of blending well with subtle as well as spicy flavours, as we bit into some Cheese Balls and some succulent Fish Tikka Kebab.

Our representative enjoying a glass of Four Seasons Blush

  • Four Seasons Shiraz- This dark ruby red still red wine is blessed with a quite complex palate, thanks to the presence of tannins. One cannot miss the perfect blend of the fruity, spicy and smoky aromas. What enhanced the experience were a few Vegetable Croquets and Chicken Lollypops.

A platter full of mouth-watering goodies and some Four Seasons Shiraz

  • Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon- It is still and dry. The very first thing that caught our eyes was its beautiful deep purple hue. The rich combination of blackcurrant, spices, vanilla and mint are sure to treat your olfactory devices. Undoubtedly, the Paneer Tikka Kebab and the Mutton Sheekh Kebab couldn’t taste better without it!

Bottoms up!- Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
As evening fell, we left the venue as wiser individuals in terms of wine and wine appreciation.

Want to know more on white wine in India and red wine in India? Then do visit For more information on Four Seasons Wines and events, visit

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Black Dog- The Toast Of Any Bar

Pubs and bars symbolize much more than simple watering holes. They are representative of much of our public culture and spirit of bonhomie. Drinking with your mates at your favorite bar can be an enriching experience in itself. There can be nothing better than embracing friendship and banter in the company of the finest spirits. Black Dog Scotch is one of the finest whiskies in the world. It will definitely serve to enliven the overall atmosphere of any bar or pub. Enjoy your Black Dog Scotch in style at the bar. Proper enjoyment requires three essential elements: good food, good ambiance and good company.

Savor your Black Dog with the right finger food and snacks. Go for appetizers and dishes that complement the palate. Most bars have a variety of fries, kebabs and roasts up their sleeve. Good food can help stimulate your taste buds and add to the Black Dog experience. Insist on a bar with the proper ambiance. It should not be too noisy or overcrowded. Rather, insist on a comfortable and cozy place with mood lighting. Good music is also a bonus in such a situation. Create memories to remember with your friends and loved ones. After all, your Black Dog will give you a timeless experience. Share it with those you love best. Here’s raising a toast to life! is your best bet for a sneak peek into enriching Black Dog evenings helps you understand the premium luxury that Black Dog stands for

Friday, 29 March 2013

Sample Your Black Dog Scotch The Safe Way

Black Dog Scotch Whisky is one of the finest scotch whiskies all over the world. However, sampling your scotch should always be done in a safe manner. After all, you do not want anything untoward to spoil the pleasurable experience of drinking your scotch. 

An evening with Black Dog scotch can turn unpleasant if you are not careful enough. Some little measures can help you immensely with regard to staying safe and secure. Black Dog is a connoisseur’s delight. Every pore stimulates the tongue and loosens the defenses of even the most guarded purists.  In such an ecstatic whirlwind, it is important to keep these pointers in mind:
  • Do not drink more than the prescribed limit and your personal capacity. Scotch should be sampled with gentle ease, not devoured in huge gulps.
  •  Ensure that you are properly hydrated. Always drink water in between drinks.
  •  The proper appetizers and snack options are important as well. These help balance your Scotch and keep you strong all throughout.
  • Always insist on a cool, relaxed and calm ambience. Proper relaxation and distressing is very important while drinking your Scotch.

These steps will help you enjoy an evening of Black Dog scotch without having to worry about the consequences. After all, the finest spirits should be enjoyed with careful abandon! is your best bet for a sneak peek into enriching Black Dog evenings helps you understand the premium luxury that Black Dog stands for

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Laugh Out Loud With Black Dog Comedy Evenings

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ goes the age old saying, and we cannot help but agree with it, especially in today’s times, where we live life in the fast lane. ‘Stress’, ‘pressure’ and ‘workload’ have become extremely frequently used terms, and our fatigued selves struggle to temporarily get out of this mundane system of home-work-home. In such a case, why not give Black Dog Comedy Nights a shot?

Get Ready for a Hilarious Night With Russell Peters!

In our previous post, we have spoken of the brand’s synonymy with good music. But, we must not forget, that when it comes to humour and the performing arts, the brand is equally renowned! For quite a few years, Black Dog Comedy Evenings have arranged numerous comedy shows, ranging from stand-up routines to a series of short sketches. So, the next time you a stressed out, why not go for laughter therapy? Let Russell Peters’ satires on ethnic stereotypes and Rob Schneider’s quirky humour tickle your funny bone, as you sip your glass of Black Dog.

Funnyman Rob Schneider Does What He Does Best

Black Dog, as we all know is one of the finest brands of scotch whiskies in the world. It not only captivates the scotch connoisseurs with its rich taste and aroma, but also ensures similar fineness in various other spheres of life. The proof lies in the success of Black Dog Easy Eveningsevents. is your best bet for a sneak peek into enriching Black Dog evenings helps you understand the premium luxury that Black Dog stands for

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Enjoy Your Favourite Tunes With Black Dog!

Imagine enjoying your glass of Black Dog scotch in a five star hotel, complete with live music by some of your best loved artists…. Feels like heaven, doesn't it? Don’t worry, heaven is not all that far away, and your favourite scotch brand makes sure it is within your reach! Black Dog EasyEvenings has been designed to help you relax and rejuvenate yourself. If you are an avid music lover, caught in the net of everyday busy life, then Black Dog music events are sure to drag you out of it!

Kenny G serenades the audience 

Every year, Black Dog presents shows by some of the best musicians around the globe. Not just that, it also organizes tribute shows, where the performers cover the evergreen melodies of some of the best loved musical legends. The genres are diverse, thus lending it with variety.

Melissa Totten does a Madonna number

So, grab a few friends or your special one for a musical evening with Black Dog and your favourite stars. Lose yourself in the intoxicating strains by Kenny G, or shake your pelvis with the tunes of the rock and roll king Elvis, or maybe tap you feet to the energetic beats of the Material Girl, Madonna, or all- the choice is all yours!

A tribute to Elvis is your best bet for a sneak peek into enriching Black Dog evenings helps you understand the premium luxury that Black Dog stands for